Capture Data and Images From your Paper Forms

September 21, 2012 by Andrea Spillmann

Do you have data and images mixed in on your forms? Would it be helpful to capture both? With Captricity's new-launched "Picture Only" fields, now you can!

How do picture-only fields work?

On your template, define image fields just as you would any other fields: Draw a box around them, then select "Picture" from the data type drop-down in the Tool Box (see example on right). Captricity will pull out the image and display it alongside the data on your Browse Results screen (see example below).

How can picture-only fields be used?

The example shown here comes from the San Francisco Public Library. They ran a challenge to design the next library cards, aiming specifically to engage children at local schools. Since kids under 14 aren't allowed to use the Internet at school, all their submissions had to be on paper. The library needed a way to integrate the paper.

Submissions with the online platform they use for outreach and civic engagement. Captricity's image-only fields turned out to be the perfect solution! The library was able to extract the beautiful drawings while still capturing information surrounding the image, like which child drew which photo, and their background or reasoning for the image they drew (you can see snippets of those in the image on the left).

How can you use picture-only fields?

Don't have colorful drawings you need to pull from your forms? What about signatures? Blueprints? ID photos? Captricity's picture fields can work for all of those! How will you use it?

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