Capture Data from Paper Even Faster with Magic Inbox

January 23, 2013 by Andrea Spillmann

Upload paper forms, get back structured, digital data.

Do you have paper forms piling up? Looking for a better way to capture data from them without having to spend hours typing every last detail into your computer? Good news: Captricity's web-based data entry solution just got even easier to use with the addition of our Magic Inbox. Just upload scans or photographs of your filled-in documents, and automatically get back structured, digital data. Captricity will do all the hard work for you.

What is Magic Inbox?

If you've used Captricity before, you know that it automatically captures data from paper forms, saving you the trouble of data entry. However, you also know that Captricity needs a template to help guide its data capture. You used to have to create that template document yourself. No more! Now, Captricity's advanced technology can do it for you. Just upload your documents and let Captricity create your template and automatically run your job. The template stays in your account so you can reuse it in the future, and your digital data is ready for you to review, download, or export to Salesforce, Constant Contact, or any other database or web service you use.

How Does it Work?

Capture data from your paper forms in just a few easy steps with the Magic Inbox:

  1. Upload 10-30 sets of the same document here.
  2. Wait for an email telling you that your job is complete. Follow the link in the email to view your data.
  3. Have more of the same documents to enter? No problem! Captricity created a template for you that you can use with as many documents as you'd like.

Try it Out!

Could this data capture solution help you? Give it whirl! Your first Magic Inbox submission is free.


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