Captricity at the Global Health & Innovation Conference

April 26, 2012 by Andrea Spillmann

Captricity's Booth at GHIC

We were excited to exhibit at Unite for Sight’s Global Health & Innovation Conferenceat Yale this past weekend.  How inspiring to hear about the truly incredible work being done to improve health and save lives around the world! We learned about more innovative projects than we could begin to name, and were moved by the many people we met who truly cared about the work they were doing and the populations they were helping.

We were especially thrilled with all the positive feedback we heard about Captricity. Over a dozen people exclaimed “I can’t believe something like this exists!” when they discovered our web-based data digitization service.  Many of them shared with us stories of struggling to enter data in the field with limited staff and budgets, or frustrations of long lag times in data processing, and disappointing quality  and accuracy when they finally did get the data. It was heartbreaking to hear of such incredible work being hampered by data issues that we can easily solve.

While we’ve been interested in the global health space for awhile - Captricity was born out of Kuang’s research in a Ugandan health clinic, and my background is global health - this conference inspired us to do more. Stay tuned to hear about our plans to give away our services to some of the most inspiring “do-gooders” around the world.

In the meantime, are you or your organization struggling with data entry from paper forms? Please try out Captricity for yourself, or get in touch to learn more.



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