Announcing a private beta of Captrcity's API

June 26, 2012 by Andrea Spillmann

We are happy to announce the private Beta of Captricity's API!

The Captricity API allows you to seamlessly blend structured data extraction from paper forms into your custom applications. For the first time, high-quality extraction of all data types (multiple choice, numbers, even handwriting!) from paper is available as an on-demand API, 24/7.

For example:

  • Your mobile app can send to Captricity’s API photos of tradeshow signup forms, and receive clean, tabular results for loading into as leads
  • Your web app can receive images of handwritten sales invoices from an FTP scanner, and create dynamic daily reports backed by sales agents’ handwriting and customer signatures from the original forms.

From grading homework assignments, to digitizing public records, Captricity’s API enables a whole new way to bridge digital and physical information.

We want to give first access to a small number of developers, who can start coding immediately. Sign up now, read our full documentation here, or contact us for more information!


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